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Touch Screen Mobile Phones

Touch Screen Mobile Phones

How you feel when you touch a smooth surface?? I know your senses go awry!! The same could happen when you touch today’s mobile phones which come with the touch screen. The touchscreen phones have revolutionized the way phones were used and today most of the smart phones come with TFT resistive touchscreen and highly in demand.

Currently, market is flooded with the touchscreen mobile phones and when you go to choose one I am sure that you will get pampered for choice. However, there are few touchscreen mobile phones which anyone can recommend to anyone if he/she is looking for the beautiful beast (device).

Now I guess you will be tempted to know which those handsets that make the list are HTC Touch, Apple iPhone, Nokia N97, Samsung Omnia and O2 Flame to name a few.

If HTC Touch amazes the users with its TouchFLO technology for effective touchscreen working then Apple iPhone win over any touchscreen phone for its Multi-touch screen capabilities which is something that makes it easy to touch and drag different items.

While HTC and Apple similarly placed as one of the best touchscreen mobile phones, the Nokia N97 is also a touchscreen phone with a slide-out full QWERTY keypad which means one can enjoy both. Samsung OMNIA and O2 Flame have good graphic processor that makes screen viewing a entertaining proposition.