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Services offered by us:
We, Uk Onlinphoneshop are presenting the unsurpassed cheap mobile phone deals from all the network providers at the www.ukonlinephoneshop.co.uk, the index of mobile phones. The offers exhibited at this web site are provided by trustworthy and highly regarded network provider.

Product Pricing and Information
We need your keen and careful attention as we usually search for the best offers for you to provide on our site. We are delighted to inform you that we are not the one who is selling any products and services ourselves but on the contrary simply providing you the links for the companies who really executing it. The mean to say it, is your transactions are not at all with us, but merely with these individual merchant who will help you in providing the customer service and supports. Hence we apologize to utter that we will not be responsible for any of their products and services.

Even though we believe that all the information regarding our services and prices displayed to be correct while writing endeavoring to keep the offers updated as soon as possible we can. In the same time appealing you to check with the individual merchant for the various latest offers, prices and purchase information etc.

By this time you might have understand that www.ukonlinephoneshop.co.uk is merely an information supplier regarding products and prices given by those merchants but not a retailer or merchant to sell the mobile phones or electronic good. The loss of any information or incorrect information on this website will not be our liability. Thus we request you to go through our terms and conditions frequently being updated by us.

Explicity of Information
We will make an effort to ensure that the information exhibited on the website is correct; however, do not guarantee that all the information provided to you by the third parties (eg. merchants ) is accurate. Apart from it we can only undertake to update the website shortly with new data or information.

Liability Free
As we said before that we are merely the information provider given by the third parties. Hence we will not be responsible for any claim for any defect regarding the services and goods purchased by the customers/users and the same will be ensured for the merchants. That's why we recommend you to get all the information before making any purchase.

No Warranties or Representations
Since the website is made accessible on an 'as is' basis we endeavor our best to use logical efforts to take in accurate and up to date information on this site without making any guarantee of the accuracy of the updated information if renounce by anyone. It is not necessary that third party share all the information with us not letting us responsible for any views. Any views expressed by third parties glimpsing the site are not shared by us. All users are requested to access and use this website at their own risk. We neither offer any warranty, implied or express with regards to products or services gained by others from the neither website nor do we accept liability for any resulting loss damage. We not even warranty that the functionality of the website will be totally uninterrupted or error free. Though we take ample care to check virus time to time cannot warranty that the server that make the services available will be virus free.

We may alter or amend our terms and conditions given above, any time by rearranging terms and conditions on the website.

We may use "cookies" to collect aggregate information and facilitate you the best use of our website. It's another use is that it allows that site to remember your browser once you visit that website again. Cookies are merely text files, primarily used to identify individual users. They are spaced in computer's browser to store preferences. Cookies are neither any plug in nor are programs. They are simply amassed on the computer's hard drive and can be deleted at any time.

Data Protection
We only require some basic identifiable information from you such as your name, e-mail id, and telephone. But we generally use email address to contact you for the notification of the availability of various products and services at our website. We confirm you that all reasonable steps will be taken by us to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the information provided by you to us in strict adherence to the Data Protection Act 1998.

We fully support and hold on to the eight principles of Data Protection as set out in the Act that covers only the provision of the Services provided by this site but not by any other companies' websites which you may access from the Site.

If it will be required to reveal your personal information for any purposes in future then we will do that by following the law or with you permission. Even though if you are very much concerned about the use of your information by us then may constantly check the website

You are free to contact us by mail at anytime with your views about data protection or any enquiry relating to your personal information. Most of the personal information that is filled by you will exist at the merchant's website. So, it's their duty to protect your personal information. Therefore you are advised to check the Data Protection Policy of the merchant you are buying from.

Privacy Policy:
Our Privacy Policy describes the details that how we protect and respect the data given by you. The use and access of storing, processing, and other information from our site comprise the acceptance of the privacy policy by you.

We will try our best to take all efforts which are required for maintaining online privacy norms on up-to-date basis that shows you the way towards safe and secured transactions.

We do not leak your information to any third party without receiving your approval.

We promise you that we will take all practical steps to keep your information secret. But if you provide the information to the third party will not make us responsible for any violate of your information given to us. An adequate step will be pursued to shield the personal information from unlawful access. It's our responsibility to preserve your personal information (email id).

We provide all the information to the site members that we maintain about them after proper verification. The same policy will be followed for you as well for any further doubtsWe provide site members with access to all information that.

We are having the right to revise this policy at any time. So once we do so we will set an updated version on this page with the request that you will revise this page to get updated with all the latest correct information. Please feel free to write or send any request anytime regarding the privacy policy of the company via email at . Since all the information provided by you to the merchant website only make them responsible to keep your personal details secret. So your adviced to check their privacy policy.

Legal Age
This site and the offers here are only for the resident of United Kingdom, who are over 18 years of age.

This site and the offers here are only for the use of UK based customers.

Intellectual Property Rights
All exclusive rights and other intellectual property rights in the material contained in the Website belong to and possessed by us. In addition the company name and other products including logos and images cited on our website are the cataloged trademark of the respective owners. One will have to write an application to us for the data mining, extraction or utilization of product information from our website. You will have to do the same in order to reproduce, publish or distribute any information from our website but may use the information from our site for commercial purpose.

The various paragraph mentioned here about the terms and conditions policy interpret independently of each other. But in case any part of the agreement found null, then we will our best to refill it as soon as possible. However, we believe that it won't affect the remaining paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and clauses..

Our failure to implement your stern performance of any provision of the terms and conditions will neither make us responsible nor constitute any waiver to enforce terms and conditions of the provision.

Jurisdiction and Law
For the abstinent of any doubt, these terms and Conditions shall be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of UK.

Please contact us for any further clarification.