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Lot of heads would turn if you hold a Pink mobile phone. Pink is generally related to girls but hold on, there is a change in scenario, now metro-sexual men are making their statement with the Pink Mobile phone. It shows their sexual confidence, if you believe in the words that are coming from web-world.

No doubt, Pink is catching up and handset makers are betting their lives to brush new mobile phones with Pink to attract not only the female users but also intensify the market with color competition. The handset makers like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, BlackBerry and every other player in the mobile phone market are thriving with Pink Mobile Phones to attract the users.

However, not every Pink mobile phone is getting the eye balls like the way few Pink mobile phones have received it from the users, prominently HTC Hero in Pink, Sony Ericsson W995 Pink and BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Pink rule the roost of the Pink Mobile Phones.

The handset makers of these Pink Mobile Phones aren't pushing it exclusively for the female users, however they have them in mind as Pink color is generally related to the females and it is thought to be very girly but a number of men you would find on the street flaunting the Pink that shows their sexual confidence.