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Sony Ericsson Naite

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We are scared of Global warming, we are taught about energy efficiency and we are also concerned about this prospect of the earth but we rarely do anything to save energy. With this goal saving energy Sony Ericsson has taken a leaf from the prevalent issue and come up with GreenHeart initiative. The Sony Ericsson Naite is the first eco-friendly phone from the company with an extra-long battery. Sony Ericsson Naite resembles a lot to its predecessor T610 for its two tone body made from aluminum and black plastic but the good thing and difference in Naite is that the plastic used comes from recycled sources. Apart from its GreenHeart initiative that conceived the Sony Ericsson Naite, it is bliss for its keypad. Each key have a definite gap for the fingers, not to move but to glide between them while texting. In its earlier phones Sony Ericsson has been cranky on its keypad, never easy for a smooth typing but Naite looks to breaking it with its sophistication and comfortable feel when you put your fingers on it. If you were thinking reducing the carbon from the battery would heart the functionality of the handset, you were wrong. The Naite is fully equipped with the 3G and HSDPA network speeds and all the modern day features come in-built with the Naite, including Bluetooth, email, MMS, Java gaming, and MP3 and AAC music playback. Naite would be a good buy for its two cameras, one for video calling and another 2MP (megapixels) for primary shoot and it also supports up to an 8GB microSD card which in any case is tempting, as the most of the phones in this series except Nokia 6120 Classic all lags behind.

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