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In the modern day, continuous innovations and Research & Development (R&D) activities surrounding Mobile Phones making has brought a paradigm shift into the world of mobile phones. It has become more a one device for all kind of work rather than just a device for making and receiving calls. It has favored mobile phones to be more enterprising and useful device in the current scenario and can be used in various purposes. One of such useful feature which has been integrated with mobile phones recently is the GPS navigation feature. It works a path finder for you.

A GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device is a device that receives the signal for the purpose of determining the present location of the device or the person holding the device. With the integration of GPS with mobile phones, it has now become easy to track a mobile phone, if it was stolen. The GPS feature comes with most of the smartphones of today. The phone companies Apple and some others provide maps online to download and calculate the navigational routes while Nokia provides its own Ovi Maps free to its smartphone users.

The mobile phones with GPS navigation features actually are most suitable handsets because they are free from missing and stealing as they are track-able with the help of GPS signals.