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The innovations are unstoppable in any sphere of life and mobile phone makers are pushing more into research and development to invent new software. Google Android is another success of the series to mobile phone makers. Android is a software stack that includes an operating system, middleware and important applications.

Unlike other mobile phone makers like Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Research in Motion (RIM) who have their own operating system, Android works on many devices, it is not tied to any specific device maker. Instead, it works on most of the devices made by the mobile handset makers like LG, HTC, Motorola and Samsung.

However, with the race become tougher in the smart-phone market all the handset makers began to bring something new along the Google Android OS as it is similar for all.

Prominently, HTC has used the Google Android OS phones in few of its handset quite successfully, mainly HTC HERO, HTC Magic and HTC Sense. But all three phones by HTC have difference in their processing, camera and other integrated feature, most commonly social networking sites.

Like HTC, Huawei used the google android OS platform for their newly launched handset U8230 and it is making its impact across.

Likewise these handset makers all the prominent phone makers are using the google android OS platform to run their new smart-phone applications.