iPod touch 64GB Black

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Apple has the conviction and that shows in their continuous frill to upgrade and add new features in the iPod. The iPod touch 64GB is their latest offering which could be termed as a portable game player, a pocket computer that holds all the item of entertainment in its womb. The 64GB iPod touch Black boasts an improved performance, better than its predecessor, 50 percent more capable and faster. iPod touch 64GB black features a Genius Mix that automatically mix songs if put together to listen. It is a small computer on your palms, you can watch movies, surf the internet and can view rich HTML emails. Genuinely you will not find few applications that come with the new iPod, including Google Maps, Game applications which you can discover through new iPod. The new iPod comes with pre- installed software of 3.1 that allows you to begin the fun journey as soon as you open the box. Apple has a futuristic approach towards bringing new generation iPods and touch 64GB Black features make it an incredible device to have. It comes with a 64GB in-built memory, 2.0 USB, Multimedia, 3.5 inch (diagonal) widescreen with a Multi-touch display. Apple has made it shake shuffle which helps you to listen a non-stop and an un-interrupted music. The iPod touch 64GB Black holds up to 14,000 songs in 128 Kbps AAC Format, 90,000 iPod-viewable photos and 80 Hours of Video which is relatively best gift you can present.
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