iPod classic 160Gb Black

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Apple continues to refresh their iPod line since it made its debut and recently it launched a refreshed line of iPods. The new line has been made to look better than earlier once with change in colors, design, innovation in features with a new badge of ‘Classic’. Change comes when features get added or innovated, so it becomes obvious that Apple has put some innovation into the new line of iPods and bettered it to the previous generation. One thing that is bound to make an impact is the capacity, earlier generation iPods had a hard drive of 16GB which was enhanced to 20GB+ has been replaced by the 80GB and I60GB in the iPod Classic. The basic thing many would argue that Apple doesn’t know how to package their products, but they are too cynic Apple has given its consumers the best-out-of-the-box experience with their product in the industry. Having that in mind, the packaging for the Classic is done nicely, scaled down box of minimalist design. To add an edge or a touch of class, Apple has raised the front surface picturing of the player. In a sense, this will interest the owner as it nicely plays a psychological phenomenon called the object permanence. It has been done nicely, fresh colors have been added with a large memory to play whatever you like – music, photo, gaming et al.
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