Sony PSP Go White

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Sony PSP Go white can be said, the first dedicated handheld gaming system to go completely turn digital and move away from cartridges or optical discs. It has been evolved as more compact than its predecessors three earlier generations in the portable gaming and multimedia handheld gaming console. Sony has added few new features to it including, built-in Bluetooth, slide-out controls, and a smaller, more pocketable overall design. Sony has launched PSP Go to stand the competition against the Nintendo, the latest device in the PlayStation Portable family which has three models since it was launched in 2005. The new device is all digital handheld with 16GB in-built memory. It has removed UMD drive that makes it sleeker but still comes with a 3.8 inch screen with WiFi and Bluetooth. The new PSP Go white takes your heart for its design that will incite lust in gadget lovers. It can be described as the elegantly conceived design and little brother of the predecessor and original PSP but it is thinner, lighter and sleeker. The smaller size of the device means it can be easily put into pocket and it is easy to carry anywhere. The PSP Go white is very much close to the size of iPod Touch. The old models of PSP were a little big in size which could not be carried in the pocket, it was only carried into a purse, backpack or gear bag, and this could be a welcome change for the gaming lovers. The Sony PSP Go white has a smaller display than the original device; 3.8 inch instead of 4.3 inch, a .5 inch difference from the previous model. With Sony PSP Go white will be able to enjoy gaming on the Go!
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