Sony 32 Inch LCD TV

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The 32 inch Sony BRAVIA LCD TV is a flat and wide screen LCD HDTV-ready TV. It is thin, slim with a rotational base. The resolution of the Sonyís latest device is nothing more than its competitors of the same segment; it is pretty basic 1024x768 resolutions. Having the basic resolution this works well with the PCís and game console, though this is not the highest resolution that any of these can produce. The 32 inch BRAVIA isnít a great TV image but it looks good. However, it gives a descent picture when fully adjusted. The color flickering is a basic problem with LCD TVís in general but it can be adjusted by tweaking into the settings. BRAVIA DVD test doesnít reveal anything extra-ordinary, it is very basic, and some solarization was evident, the skin tone didnít look quite right but all together the pictures look better than any Standard Definition TV. People might complain over the broadcast HD as it needs a separate tuner box from your cable company to show the broadcast HD. In addition to the component as S-video, the TV also supports HDMI, VGA, RF, and composite. This is not a bad offering from Sony. The 32 inch BRAVIA LCD TV is undoubtedly ends your longing for LCD TV but considering the fact that it also has certain loops which is basic with the LCDís this could be a good buy.
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