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Nintendo Wii Plus Wii Fit is an upgraded version of Wii Fit, it has been enhanced, many of the customer complains about Wii Fit has been addressed in Nintendo Wii Plus Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus. Wii Fit comes with the concept of games as an exercise and with the inclusion of a balance you can check how good or bad you are doing with your activities. It makes easy for Nintendo to promote the new gaming console as a mixture of fitness and fun. Unfortunately, Wii Fit is lacks the feature of adding one’s own programme to the system for the effectiveness of the health advices as a game. The Wii Fit Plus can be very helpful for its users, if a little focus is turned towards its features. Wii Fit makes some fairly significant judgments about its user’s fitness. It starts processing the time you put your Mii with the game. Once you put your date of birth and height, you will be asked to step on the board for a weight check – everything is guided by the screen – before it calculates the BMI. In the process it also let you know that you are underweight, overweight or ideal depending on the BMI score. The good thing about Wii Fit Plus is that it registers the result once in a day, although you can take as much as test you wish in a day. If you are overweight, underweight or even ideal, check it for fit and fun!
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