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The Nintendo DSi white is the third generation gaming console of DS which was originally launched in November 2004 and in June 2006 came the light weighted DS Lite which changed the look of the device with vastly improved performance. The Nintendo DSi white has removed the slot of Game Boy Advance (GBA) while adding two small-resolution cameras to the portable, slightly larger screens, and an SD card slot. The DSi white offers plenty of innovative media features and online functionality which will tempt the DS holders to consider having DSi white for an exciting gaming experience. What has been changed or replaced or added to the DSi white besides the camera, it has updated firmware and interface. It restricts the possibility of upgradation of its predecessors DS and DS Lite to DSi white. The Nintendo DSi white comes with a 0.3MP (megapixel) camera, one is located in the inner axis and another on the front cover. The DSi Camera application allows you to take pictures and store them on the device’s internal memory - 256MB – or on the SD card which is extendable to 2GB. DSi white in all respect a worth buy even if you have the predecessors to experience the excitement of gaming console. White is right!
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