Nintendo DS Lite Pink

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Originally Nintendo DS was a little bulky and company took a leaf from the fact that gaming consoles should be a little sleeker and colorful. They have revamped the DS and come up with the Nintendo DS Lite in different colors, prominently pink, crimson, white and cobalt. For the gaming lovers who have had the fun on Nintendo DS would beg their fathers for the new updated, advanced and lighter version Nintendo DS Lite Pink. As the name itself suggests that the Nintendo DS Lite pink is more compactly designed system than its predecessors. It measures at 0.83 x 2.83 x 5.25 inches when closed and weight at 7.66 ounces making it 39 percent smaller and 21 percent lighter than the earlier ones. Like Nintendo DS it is also a gaming system with two vertically layered screens, below is the touch screen that allows you to use stylus or finger to moving characters. The layout of Nintendo DS Lite pink hasnít changed much and it is largely similar to that of Nintendo DS with little beneficial changes. The front is kept very much like Nintendo DS; from left to right, the volume control, the GBA game slot, and the in-line-enabled headphone port are in the same spots. Nintendo DS Lite pink comes with four brightness settings to give you sharper picture, keeping it up from two on than the original DS. If you havenít bought a portable gaming system, the Nintendo DS Lite pink is definitely worth buying for its growing list of strange, original titles and colored case.
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