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Samsung Galaxy Portal

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By just pointing the innovative Samsung Galaxy Portal handset in any direction, its visual feature will illustrate you the exact site of lots of thrilling places, from new bars and clubs to cash machines and taxis. The Samsung Galaxy Portal is an Android handset, although it uses last year's machinery. It's a satisfactory handset, and not very pricey, however being average isn't good enough in recent times when there are some really wonderful alternatives accessible. It characterizes Layar - the amplified authenticity application that unites your phone's camera, compass and GPS data to provide you information with reference to where you presently located. The Samsung Galaxy Portal is all about letting users shape a handset and its functions to counterpart how they desire to make most of it. It permits users to customize one of the 10 main screens, contact friends by means of an assortment of social media internet services, and access any of the thousands of Android tools. It offers a fast processor speed of 800MHz which is quicker than the original Galaxy tht has 528MHz. The inner processor creates the handset even faster than the Acer Liquid mobile though it has half the RAM with just 128MB. With all such features you’d look forward from an Android handset, the Samsung Galaxy Portal speed and lower-end cost tag formulate it very tempting choice.

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