LG GD910 3G watch

LG GD910 3G watch

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None can fathom the depth of a human mind and its creativity quotient. However, technology has made things bit predictable for us yet there are minds which are habituated to come with ideas that are hardly expected. LG is the favourite play-station of such minds who keep the world bewildering with their surprising techno-gifts. If you have been following LGs mobile phone sets since a while and wondering about the next, keep your hands on and heart beating, as this time you are going to get a watch-full phono-experience. Compacting the features of a hi-end 3G mobile phone into a wrist watch, LG has introduced its latest calling charisma, LG GD910 3G Watch. With a look of a gadget - straight-out of a sci-fi fiction, LG GD910 3G watch boasts of 1.3 full touch screen, video calling system, 3G connectivity, powerful MP3 player and a special software to recognize your voice with built-in speaker. Wrapped around your wrist, this watch phone offers you the opportunity to match shoulders with James Bond, as with an integrated camera and scheduler, it plays the perfect role of a spying-gadget. But if you have underestimated this watch-phone and considering LG GD910 BG watch just a mobile-phone, take another look of it. Its your wrist watch too which keeps you alarmed. (winks) ;-)

LG GD910 3G watch Features

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