LG GD510 Pink

LG GD510 Pink

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Most of the handset makers are trying to impress the female users by bringing out some exclusive handsets for them. LG one of the big handset makers of the market has launched LG GD510 PINK. Pink has always been an attractive color for the females and LG is hoping to exploit with their latest colorful and stylish phone. The LG GD510 Pink comes with too many latest features which you generally do not see in today’s handsets. The handset has integrated the eco-friendly optional battery charger in addition to the social media option which is currently the hottest feature for the handsets. The device is made sleek, slim and sexy looking at the female users it has been kept light weight, it weights just 87gm, measuring 97mm x 49mm x 11 mm thick. The LG GD510 Pink comes with a TFT touch screen which offers an excellent and top of the world color representation that effectively displays 256,000 colors. The handset also offers MP3 downloads which can be used as ringtones. With 3.15MP (megapixel) camera, the LG GD510 Pink is a perfect device to capture the best moments, it also includes a QVGA quality video for recording. While keeping up with the trend of social media the device is integrated with Facebook, MySpace and twitter and furthermore it incorporates GPRS and EDGE facility for a better connectivity to the web world which allows the users to access these social media effectively. Rightly, it is an entertainment device which also has MP3/MP4 media players in addition to FM radio with RDS capabilities. Overall, LG GD510 Pink is a device for full fledged entertainment and social networking.

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