Huawei E160 Black

Huawei E160 Black

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Internet modems now do not required to be fixed in your room to run the wire to your laptop or PC, it has been made simple with the USB sticks Dongles which one can pocket in their jeans or the coin pocket of the jeans. It is now possible for you with the Huawei E160 Black USB sticks which is just 50gm in weight and 70.1mm x x 11.6 mm in dimension. USB sticks have totally changed the name of the game today easily accessible, movable and pocketable more and more people are turning towards such products, be it mobile phone or Coke and not to forget even this internet connections device dongles which one can carry along, where ever he/she goes. Although the Huawei E160 is commonly used across the continents with different mobile carriers but it is considered to be a lower-end dongle which makes it affordable for the users other than any other dongle for internet browsing. The Huawei E160 black also comes in other color variants, especially white which is popular among Vodafone users. Huawei E160 Black offers a maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps which is quite perfect for the internet browsing and surfing that easily fulfils the requirements of the users. Most of the carriers offer benefits and gifts on the purchase of the Huawei E160 which comes as an added advantage.

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