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Blackberry OS Mobile Phones

Blackberry OS Mobile Phones

The intense competition in the smart-phone industry has kept the innovation tight on every mobile maker’s radar and OS (operating system) being the most important ingredient of today’s smartphones BlackBerry owns its own. The Canadian company RIM (Research in Motion) which makes the BlackBerry smartphones and mobile e mail devices has an Operating System for BlackBerry mobile phones which is the second most popular OS after Nokia’s Symbian platform. A worldwide share of 20.8% BlackBerry enjoys a trusted corporate mobile device among business users across the globe.

BlackBerry came to the scene in 2002 with smartphones supporting the application like push e mail, web-browsing and internet faxing, since then the mobile phone industry has changed from common mobile phone – receiving and calling – to a small PC.

BlackBerry owns a multi-tasking OS which supports heavy applications available on the device. The BlackBerry OS supports Java MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2, however previously it took help from Microsoft Exchange Server for e mails and calendars and also from Lotus Domino email.

Currently BlackBerry OS 5.0 runs on the subset of MIDP 2.0 and can be update through the wireless carrier that supports the BlackBerry OTASL (Over the air Software loading) services automatically. The software of the BlackBerry OS is written in the C++ language on the Java Kernel which is the central component of most computer operating systems.