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Black Mobile Phones

Black Mobile Phones

Have you ever been asked, does the color of a mobile phone matters to you? In most of the cases, you would come to hear or your answer would be yes. The color of a phone matters to you and to the users of the mobile phone users. Since the advent of mobile phones black has been the most prominent color of the device and even today black rules the roost. Nearly all the handset makers be it Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC and etc keep the black color as their first choice for every handset they launch. Al though recently few other colors have started making their way into the market like grey, steel, white, pink and chocolate to name a few.

However, black still rule the market as the first choice color for most of the mobile phone users. Motorola’s most successful device Moto Razr has never seen any other color than black, so is the case for most the Nokia handsets. The list of black mobile phones is limitless. Even the first ever Apple iPhones hit the market in the adorable black color.

It will be difficult to name the phones that cast the black magic over the mobile phone users but the prominent name which comes to mind includes Moto Razr, Nokia Xpress Music, BlackBerry, HTC Touch and many more.

Next time if anyone says black is the color for the phones do not get surprised because Black is better.