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There is a war like situation in the smart-phone industry, with intensive competition every mobile handset makers is striving hard to deliver something exceptional that could turn the game in their favor. Since the introduction of Java Operating System (OS) a lot of software engineers are working extra-time for these handset makers to develop some new operating system which can execute better than others. One of the most exciting mobile handset makers Apple has came up with Apple OS which was used as an application platform on iPhones.

However other than Apple, Symbian OS is the most used and popular OS for mobile devices while RIM and Google Android also runs on many devices.

Apple, who made its mark in the mobile phone industry with its successful introduction of iPhones which have millions of users' worldwide runs on the Apple 3.0 OS. But Apple is considering enhancement of the Apple 3.0 OS to Apple 4.0 OS for future iPhones, iPod touch and iPad which is making its debut in the world market in 2010.

The Apple OS 4.0 is expected to have the ability to group folders which was earlier missing in 3.0 and a lot of other substantial additions are coming on the way with the Apple OS 4.0.